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ACS-Export.com is a leader in the Indonesian flavor industry, specializing in agricultural products that offer premium quality to our global clients. We hold official certifications from the Indonesian government to conduct export business. Particularly for our coffee products, we have obtained permits and certificates for the quality of each type of coffee we sell.

ACS-Export.com is a private company located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our coffee collection is the finest and authentic from Indonesia. We pay great attention to the quality of the coffee taste we provide. We invest to stay aligned with high-quality coffee that is worthy of consumption. We give special attention from coffee farmers to proper packaging, ensuring that the quality of the coffee is preserved until it reaches your hands.

Our Product

Robusta beans: Bold, strong flavor, caffeine-rich.

Arabica beans: Smooth, aromatic, nuanced.

Gayo beans: Unique, vibrant, Indonesian delight.


Our average customer rating is 4.8 / 5
ACS-Export.com delivered exceptional coffee beans! I'm a loyal customer now.
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Claudia Taylor
ACS-Export.com exceeded my expectations with their premium coffee beans. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!
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Winston Oliver
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