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ACS-Export.com have a legal business entity; obtain a general export permit, registered coffee exporter license and meet the quality standards set by the Ministry of Trade.

Factors that influence the quality of robusta, arabica, and gayo coffee :

  1. Variety: Arabica beans are usually flavor-rich, while robusta beans have more caffeine and less flavor and are cheaper to produce. The exception to this rule is that some very good espresso coffees will have small amounts of the highest quality robusta beans on the market. 
  2. Climate: The best coffees come from regions where farmers have implemented farming practices and techniques that coax the best flavors from the bean. Proper fertilization, irrigation, pruning, and care encourage the growth of healthy coffee trees that produce high-quality beans. 
  3. Processing techniques: The way coffee is processed can have a significant impact on its flavor. For example, the flavor of Arabica coffee grown in Gayo Palteau is affected by varieties and processing techniques. 
  4. Production and processing: Robusta is not often given the same care and attention in production and processing as Arabica, which can affect its quality. However, investing in Robusta to increase its quality and improve its reputation ought to be a priority for an ethically oriented industry. 
  5. Personal taste: Ultimately, the quality of coffee is subjective and depends on personal taste. Some people prefer the rich, dark harshness of robusta, while others prefer the high and floral taste of all-arabica blends.

We Serve One of the Best Coffee!

We are the leading Indonesian flavor original from Indonesia in the field of grown products offering premium quality to global clients.

We offer our clients with our ready to-sell brands as well as Private Label / OEM solution by having a dedicated system for designing, creating, distributing the products.

We are legally certified from the government in Indonesia to do export business. Especially for coffee products, we have obtained permits and certificates for the quality of each types coffee we sell.


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ACS-Export.com delivered exceptional coffee beans! I'm a loyal customer now.
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ACS-Export.com exceeded my expectations with their premium coffee beans. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!
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Winston Oliver

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